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Just another day......

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Yet another exciting day in the fragrant world.

I successfully subterfuged a sample in Nordstroms, which makes me feel like going out of the store, and high fiving random passersby. Thats 2 samples i've relieved them of, this week, so i reckon my technique is improving.

I think they just hand them over in order to get rid of me, rambling on at them, with some highly suspect, transparently untrue tale, of why one spray on a little card, is hardly enough to coerce me to part with a handful of dollars. How am i meant to discern anything from a piece of card? Will i even be able to smell all of the notes? How do i know it will smell the same on actual skin? How can i even smell this, when i am wafting around in a big choking cloud of Opium, sillaging people into a coughing fit?

Anyway, i got a little sprayer of Infusion D'Iris, practically thrown at me. And i'm gazing around, like a kid in a sweet shop, and caught sight of the Marc Jacobs Dot bottle, which was pretty, but it wasn't worth trying to smell it, i could detect nothing, nostrically speaking, but brown Opium molecule clouds, which are pretty powerful and hefty. Some light fruity thing can't begin to penetrate the intense miasma i'm exuding. I'll go back on Friday, "naked" as it were, or at least semi nude, fragrance-wise, and continue my quest of relieving Nordstrom of their fragrances, 5mls at a time.

I had another email from my mother-in-law, who has more dead ladies perfume for me, to add to the boxful she already scored. I am not being disrespectful to the lady who died, it's just a quicker way to summarize the situation. And last night, a memory surfaced, of a shop i had visited in Kenai, once, but i distinctly remember a large amount of fragrance, so I need to factor in a 3 hour drive, or a 15 minute flight down to this pretty little town, and visit this "allsorts" kind of shop. It's not quite antiques, and not quite thrift, its hard to categorise, as they sell preloved everything, so some antiques, some thrift, some new, and that which i am most interested in: New Old Stock, discontinued frags, and there may well be some vintage stuff.

I'd have to go armed with as much cash as i can lay my hands on, as i do intend to purchase everything of a fragrant nature, either for myself, or to sell to other vintage collectors. I bought a wine cooler off Craigslist last night too, as i had the fridge stuffed with sample bottles, and miniatures.

I finally bought some Opium again too, i loved it in the 80's but it was too old for me, now it's perfect, and i can fell whole crowds of people, watch them gasp for air, and thump their chests. What matters is, that i am enjoying the smell, they can leave if they don't like it, when they finally recover from their paroxsysm of coughing.

And tonight, nearly a whole year, after it was recommended to me in the "Just Starting Out" thread, i finally bought Habit Rouge, at a good price on Ebay. It claims to be vintage, but how will i know if it really is? Anyway, looking forward to it's arrival, as i have read much good stuff, and not much bad about it, and if i don't like it, i'll redistribute it, to where it will be better appreciated.

Have a fabulous day BN's



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