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Krak des Chevaliers


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By now I think most of us here are well aware that the line between men's and women's fragrances is mostly aleatory and driven by marketing. Like many modern gentlemen, I wear a number of feminines; right now I'm enjoying a small nightcap dose of Putain des Palaces, and Sikkim, as I have mentioned before, is probably in my all-time top five. Still, there are certain feminines that I would never, ever want on me, or rather certain topoi that remain off limits. To wit:

--anything that smells like berries, fruity candy, or ethyl maltol;

--anything reminiscent of other traditionally feminine cosmetic items like face powder or cold cream--although lipstick, oddly enough, doesn't bother me, located as it is at the heart of Putain;

--Lily of the valley, my aversion to which perhaps has more to do with issues of age than considerations of gender (see my notes on Tommy Girl).

Almost anything else is within the realm of possibility--or then again perhaps these strictures will crumble as I discover interesting exceptions. I found a bottle of Lauren Blue at an estate sale today, and while I didn't intend to keep it for myself I had to try a squirt of it. Needless to say, it worked rather well on me, despite a distinct redolence of lily of the valley.



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