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Smokey Iris....

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I've had a vintage free day today. It's almost unhinged me, frankly.

As we are going camping and fishing for a week, i thought it best to end all my auctions, as i am not planning to take any technological device away with me. I am having an internet free week. The thought of that makes me anxious actually, so reliant am I upon the ability to do status updates from virtually any location. The campsite we stay at, does have wireless, but i am being firm with myself, and not taking my laptop on this occasion. I will take my iPad, but only to read books from. I may weaken.

So no auctions to check on, no spare funds in my Paypal, i have left enough to cover the fees due, so there's little point in looking for an Ebay bargain. I was so bored, restless and anxious because of this combination of circumstances. I really didn't know what to do with myself.

So I called my friend, a relatively new friend, as i've only been here since February. She asked if i wanted to go to a birthday barbecue, and me being at a loose end, i thought why not? I donned my new T Shirt which states " no, I don't want a double shot grande skinny vanilla latte - I want a cup of tea - BECAUSE I'M BRITISH" just to see how that would go down. And thoughtfully pondered the selection of fragrance, trying to choose something light, summery, floral, yet i need it to have a distinct edge. I chose Prada Infusion D'Iris EDP, i was quite liberal with it, for the floral, strange, as i don't go for florals too much, but somehow, i love this. And I wanted to give it a smoky, dirtier edge, i wanted to blur it into a lovely warm, dark, drydown, to reflect my personality a bit better, so i added 2 sprays of AG Myrrhe Ardente to my chest, trying to not overpower the floral, with the incense.
I'm surprised by how much i like them together. I don't know all the terms to explain all this mixy fragrance stuff, or as i like to say " i may not have much much of a nose, but sure as hell ain't nothing wrong with my mouth" if i don't know the right words to explain it, i make it up. You will understand what I am trying to convey.

Interestingly, i bought the AG Myrrhe Ardente when i was in Ireland, and i stuck my neck in a friend's face, demanding his opinion. His exact words were "I don't like that at all" which did not surprise me, bearing in mind he had been dragged to a Roman Catholic church, and had incense drummed into him, from an early age, coupled with the concept of a God who would punish him for any transgressions. It evoked some bad stuff for him, whereas i love the smell of incense in a church, it reminds me of Christmas, which is the only time i would go to Church. Interesting stuff.

Anyway, again i digress from the information i am trying to impart. The barbecue was fabulous of course. Americans are brilliant at barbecue food, and i stuffed myself silly. I am now obsessed with candied yams, and had several helpings of it.

Met a lot of new people, and saw this woman i had encountered on previous visits, i had never really spoke to her, as i felt inadequate and frumpy in her glorious presence. In short, i felt intimidated by her. Anyway, today, its 2 years down the line, and i'm feeling pretty damn good and so i chat with her. She was really nice and we discussed all sorts, including my obsession with vintage fragrance, and what do you know? She has a storage unit, and in it, are her grandmother's collection of perfumes, and vanity items, crystal bottles and atomisers. And i am in line to receive them. She actually expressed it in a pretty cool way, and said "paths never cross by accident"

So, a pretty good day with very little in the way of fragrance, either buying, or selling. And a whole week of that ahead of me, which is almost frightening to contemplate. I don't really even wear any scent when i fish either, and i know i sounds stupid, but can fish smell it? Does it get transmitted down my fishing rod? I know it's molecules, so conceivably, they could drift into the water, and scare the 15 pound salmon poised ready to bite my smelly herring, just scare it clean away. Anyway, i'm prepared to go without for a week. And being down on a dock, or the shore, where the smells of fish guts, or boat engines drifts strongly in the air, it would have to be something really powerful to compete. And i refuse to wear that vile original Poison ever again. I will be wearing make up though, photographs will be taken, and i refuse to be seen on Facebook, without at least mascara and lipstick on.

Well, this will be my last entry for about a week. But there should be several fragrant parcels to open when i return with a cooler full of salmon fillets. There will be much information i need to share with fellow fragheads. And i will have withdrawals from being away so long. I'm missing you already.

Have a wonderful week BN's



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