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Anomie's Bonhomie: Un salon littéraire de parfums or THE REAL IN THE LIBRARY

Perfumes Associated With Writers and Real Life Literary Figures*

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*or so rumor and biographies would tell it...

Author's Signature: A Spray of (Un)Consciousness A&I Poem

Truman Capote wore Drakkar Noir;
Sylvia Plath one--but which?--of the feminine Diors.

Anais Nin though her name twice over was used in her honor by Cacharel later,
thought Caron's Narcisse Noir, so right for her narcissistic confessionals, greater.

Jean Rhys is associated with L'Heure Bleue:
Gertrude Stein's marijuana brownie
queen Alice B. Toklas named a chicken recipie
for Vent Vert de Balmain.

Performance artist Sophile Calle, a writer in her own right
and inspiration for a character in Paul Auster's Leviathan
(that title: a little trite?)
as a commentary on gifts, display, sentiment, and glamour,
enshrines birthday presents of Poison and Mitsouko in her Wunderkammer.

Zelda Fitzgerald: Salud de Schiaparelli, Shalimar, Chanels...
like any good crazy Southern belle.

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