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A little better definition.

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I'm posting all this and the reviews are not even up yet.. gah. Any way, I think what made me want to write in this style would be a mix of not knowing how to break down smells anyway, but also just a different angle.
Most of the reviews are just what is in the fragrance and a brief analyzing of how the things work together. Which is really great, because at least I learn a little on how things are in cahoots. However, many of the comments are repeats, and say whatever someone else has already said. There are only so many ways to say "The orange and vanilla really go together." I suppose it really does helps though to have a good number of reviews. But I am just going to explain a little on how my stories come up.

First, I think you need to know how the process works. The story unfolds over the whole time the scent unravels, from the top to the bottom. I dont smell it for 2 seconds and write babbling paragraphs. It actually takes a long time to come up with it. I just smell it as it goes, with my eyes closed, and allow my brain to do the rest. I actually have a female friend with me, and it is shocking how brains work together sometimes to form very, very similar stories to the same scent.

I also try to follow stories to being closed. I do not force it though. If a scent does not take me all the way out to an end, I will leave it open. That is simply the end of what it brings me. Some stories will be short, maybe due to a lack of complexity in the scent. Some will be longer, maybe just due to the connections they make in my brain regardless of how intricate the smell is. I am not sure. However, if I know I am judging it based on something else, i.e. curve reminds me of high school, I have to focus on not letting that get in the way, because that is clearly just my brain taking me there, and not the cologne/perfume.

I also try to make the story whether I like the scent or not. I will push myself through the god awful scents just to get the story. Hey, even the stories on those are not bad, but I'll be damned if I wear the cologne.

The hardest part is getting started. I ask who would wear this, what is he doing, does he have money. Is he a good guy or would he steal and cheat. I use those to get myself moving if the scent does not immediately take me somewhere. If that does not work, I may ask what time of day or what is the weather like.

Some of the stories may end up similar, as I am sure the actual notes may invoke heat or cold or colors or any number of things. So far none have lined up like that.

I will maybe have 30 by the time I finish writing them. I am only doing one I either have or have samples of. It simply takes to much time to smell it at a store and write a story about it.... plus what the holy hell would the person waiting on me think as they hear me mumbling to myself about a guy at the beach with a poodle...

Anyyyyyway. Bye!


  1. Aiona's Avatar
    'Looking forward to reading them. 'Fumes unfold like a story to me sometimes, as well.
  2. perfaddict's Avatar
    Also looking forward to your reviews. Afterall, i dont know about others but i am essentially an "enjoyer" of ascents, not an analyst.


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