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D&G l'amoureaux

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So I bought this scent back in 2009 when it first came out, i smelled a sample and at the time enjoyed it. I purchased it from Selfridges for around 35. Recently I wore it again after not touching it for a while. It's a strange scent for me I just can't seem to find a time or place for it. It is part of the D&G Anthologies collection. It's a green juice which comes packaged almost like a niche fragrance very simple bottle with a sticker on the front. When i first spray it I get a light citrus probably from the Bergamot in the top but when it dries down I get a weird floral vibe which is quite prominent until it dries down when i get a sort of spicy woodsy vibe the spice probably from the cardamom in the mid. The overall smell is pleasant to my nose I get great longevity from this and the silage is very good. I've tried this out in a variety of situations: It certainly doesn't work in the club scenario, far too floral for a guy and is a bit over bearing if you over apply. In the office again it just isn't "clean and fresh" enough to not offend people. The best place I can find a time for this fragrance is in a casual setting maybe a BBQ or with friends in the garden. When I wore it outdoors it seemed to blend in well with the surroundings and whenever the wind goes past I always get a whiff of this around me. Then towards the evening time the spice and warmth gives a nice aura around me when the air becomes cooler. It seems good if you have a woman in your life as well in this setting I think a woman would appreciate this on a guy. The problem is as a casual scent I still reach for a bottle of L'eau D'Issey or Acqua Di Gio but i certainly enjoy L'Amoureaux from time to time.



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