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Fragrance of a salmon.......

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I have just returned today, from my fishing trip.

I had withdrawal symptoms caused by a fragrance-free week. I should maybe qualify that statement; i have suffered a week of nostril assault, brought about by rotting pink salmon carcasses, and chopped bait herring, both are thick, cloying, greasy and clinging aromas, that drape and cloak every fiber of clothing, and body. Saying that i stunk, barely begins to describe my week.

My pathetic spray atomisers that I took with me, were ineffective in masking, or even detracting from these other scents, so heavy are their molecules, when compared to the light, floaty floral of a fine fragrance.

Even in non-fishing season, this town stinks of all things marine, and, what is worse, there is not one store here, where one might buy any fragrance at all. I find that almost inconceivable. There are no shops at all, where one might buy anything that i consider, part of normal life. The nearest town with good shops, is where i live - 6 hours away.

So, returning home, i applied Revlon Jontue (vintage) to one wrist. Tore open a sample of Avon Absinthe, and liberally threw that on my neck, and rubbed my other wrist in a magazine sampler of Marc Jacobs Dot. I am now anxiously awaiting my neighbour's arrival home from work, to check if he accepted any of my
parcels, due to arrive whilst i was away. I'd like to state, that my vacation was a complete break and I never once gave home life a second thought. But that would be a lie. I was dying to get back, to open my parcels.

And i only caught one Salmon.

Happy to be home.



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