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Heaven Scent Vintage Goodies.....

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so, as i previously blogged, my mother in law had earmarked an old ladies perfume, and was sending it to me.

I received today, 2 medium rate priority boxes, jam packed with all kinds of goodies. A picture speaks a thousand words, so i did just that, and took pictures of my haul. I am still speechless anyway, and the palpitations of excitement have not yet worn off.
Here are my goodies:

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So, such a very exciting day, opening this lot. I am delighted obviously, and pondering what to keep and what to sell. I have only taken close ups of what i consider to be the highlights, but as you can see, there is a huge amount of stuff to deal with here.

And this is not the whole lot that she had earmarked for me; she told me she kept several of the larger items down at her home, to tempt me to come down and visit in the very near future. And of course, the siren call of vintage will lure me down there, in the dead of Alaskan winter.
I will probably talk more about this when i calm down. Right now, i am overwhelmed, and in olfactory overload mode.

Take care folks


  1. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    THOSE PICTURES. I'm verklempt! I'm so curious about the woman who collected all of these, why she chose each, when and if she wore them. Vintage holds so many stories that add pricelessness. Hurrah for your treasures!
  2. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Thank you aei I too wonder about her. I know she had a special fragrance cupboard, and kept the majority of these in their boxes. That suggests to me that she was "one of us" except, without BN for her to talk about her collection. I am certain she would be very happy that her treasures came to a like-minded person. I am finding it very difficult to let go of them, as my mother-in-law obtained these for me to sell. The decisions of which to keep, and which to sell have been difficult, and i have already put one item on Ebay, and removed it hours later, terrified that someone would bid. Sigh. Oh well.
  3. akiba66's Avatar
    Wow! Lucky you. I have recently developed an interest in vintage perfumes and have been scouting ebay every now and then. Have not had much success with bidding - always getting outbid, so now look out more for items with the "buy" now option. You are very lucky!!! Enjoy your stash!


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