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Quiet time

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I received 2 boxes of vintage treasures, via priority mail 2 days ago, and took some photographs to share with you all here.

I had full intentions of exploring the boxes leisurely, taking a little stroll down vintage lane, encountering new and surprising smells, in order to choose which i would keep, and which to sell. I have not actually done this yet, as life has that habit of throwing up little surprises to disrupt the best laid plans. This week has been no exception, and i received bad news yesterday morning, which really knocked me off the path.

The death of my favourite, and last remaining Uncle, has quite knocked me for six, and i really couldn't even be bothered at all with fragrance yesterday morning. Most annoying and upsetting, is the fact that i am unable to attend his funeral, as it's in England and i am stuck here for the present time. I am quite sad, and have chosen a double squirt of TF Arabian Wood today. I think maybe because i felt it was masculine?

I must say, it is really growing on me. My first impression, was very muddied by wearing too many frags at once, which is not unusual for me. But today, i have tried it alone, and i am really loving it. It is more floral than i first thought, which is a surprise, as i never got any florals first time round. Then again, i am so dreadful at picking out notes.
It opened sharp and greenly, i felt, very bright, and i thought i dislked lavender and bergamot in topnotes, but this is done beautifully, if i am liking it this much. On my wrist i still have florals going on, and i get freesia! And maybe lavender. But the lovely drydown is where i am excited most by it. It has gone to this stage on my neck and chest. I do not get too much patchouli, so it must be the orris i have fallen in love with. I usually like tonka bean in basenotes, and this is no exception, but i am not smelling it, it seems orris is the thing i am smelling and loving. It's very nice, considering what i said about it, when i first managed to get this sample.

I certainly wouldn't be displeased if my husband bought me some for Christmas anyway.

I think tomorrow i will try Vintage Jean Patou 1000, i have decided to keep one of the bottles of that, the EDT. I will sell the limited edition parfum, or extrait, not even sure what the concentration is. I love that she kept everything properly, in their boxes, in their own special cupboard. There are so many wonderful items to peruse at leisure. I am undecided also over Lucien Lelong Tailspin, i would love to have that. And can you believe, i just bought a bottle of Opium, 2 weeks ago, and now, here to my doorstep, comes the same sized bottle, full, of the superior Vintage formulation? Horns of a dilemma, not a comfortable place to be. Because of course, i want them all for myself, to hug to my greedy self.

But its not to be. I will be sharing. I feel it's the right thing to do. It's like redistributing treasure to where it will most be appreciated.
Have a super, scented day folks.


  1. Red Theodora's Avatar
    Dear Scent-imental,
    You have my deepest sympathy about your Uncle. I have lost a lot of my family in the last few years and know how each loss rips a piece of your heart away.
    But lucky you, vintage Jean Patou 1000! How delightful!

    Sincerely, Tanya (a.k.a Red Theodora)
  2. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Thank you so much, i appreciate that Tanya, you are right, it really does. Please accept my sympathies also in return.

    And i am very blessed with my vintages lately, it feels like the right thing to do, to redistribute them to where they will be best loved. I know there are quite a few BN'ers who love vintage, and search for it on Ebay.


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