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Now and Then - my comparison....

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I'm just going to ramble a little on a subject i find very interesting, due to my enthusiasm for vintage fragrance.

My memories of my "Nana" fragrance-wise, are kind of fond. She had in the drawer of her sideboard, a very cheap cosmetic bag, which contained all of her cosmetics and fragrance. It was very sparse, and had a cardboard tub of "rouge", a red lipstick, and red nail polish. And casually thrown in there, was her fragrance collection. A miniature bottle of Californian Poppy, i particularly remember the tiny rubber stopper. That's it, total. She was not elegant, refined, sophisticated, well dressed. She did not wear make up, except when i daubed it on her, in my childish, inefficient way. Her curling pins were steel things.

And i find it all very curious, because, my Grandad had a pretty good, and well paid job, for that time. They had disposable income, yet she did not have an array of fragrance, or cosmetics. i now wonder why. In my niavete, i previously assumed that, perfume was less popular then, or less available, and hardly any perfumes were even made, and to her, maybe it was, because they lived in a small mining town, with no access to big department stores, and certainly no Internet, so obtaining fragrance may well have been more difficult, for a woman who barely left her own doorstep. But even so, family often buy their parents gifts of fragrance, for Christmas and Birthdays.

However, upon expanding my fragrance knowledge by being a BN member, and of late, i have been having the good fortune to be blessed by other old ladies perfume, who have apparently hoarded the stuff, and stored it beautifully, I have discovered that my previous theories are shot down. Fragrance was available, lots and lots of wonderful fragrances. But Nana didn't have any. I find it strange. She seems to have not been interested in that kind of stuff.

Moving on a few years, my mother, in her teens, always wore Evening in Paris, and now, collects any old bottle of perfume she can lay her hands on. She does not avail herself of the internet for any of this, and gets it where she can find it, she has some good stuff, some rubbish, (by rubbish, i mean copies of the good stuff, and tainted thrift store finds) some vintage finds, and has a huge array, a mish mash, a smorgasbord, on her dressing table, alarmingly, in direct sunlight, which i have often scolded her about. She is on the opposite end of the scale from my Nana, and takes anything she can get, but is haphazard, and just a hoarder, to be honest. A lot of her juice smells off, and tainted.

And then we come to now, and me, in a general way. And how i regard perfumes. I see them as necessities, rather than luxuries, i explore as many avenues as I can to increase my collection, and have become increasingly selective in what i purchase, since being a member of BN, and educating myself, albeit slowly. I am learning which notes i enjoy, which i hate. I am learning, and i am loving it. I am also managing to increase my vintage collection, with very little actual outlay financially, and i can only attribute this to a force beyond my control, who blesses me with fragrances. But for me, it is unthinkable that i would spend one day fragrance-free. it's a necessity.

And from the fragrances i recently received, my vintage treasures, which were stored lovingly, and correctly, by an old lady, i can see a big difference between her, and my Nana, and wonder about it. The old lady that these belonged to, kept all the boxes, and kept them in their own dedicated cupboard. She invested a fair bit into her collection, and protected her investment properly. I know that she treated them reverently, as I do my small personal collection.

Admittedly, before BN, i was very much like my mother, and just kept everything, whether i liked it or not. My sojourn into BN world, had the effect of drastically reducing my wardrobe, and i am currently in the stage of rebuilding it painstakingly, with juice i have researched, sampled, and know i will love. It's an obsession, but one that i am approaching in a far healthier way now, in a more educated way. Which is exactly why i refer to it as a journey. And my wardrobe is a flexible thing, more knowledge may reduce the wardrobe further, and sampling and education may increase it, but nevertheless i am enjoying this tweaking of it.

Anyway, i have reached no real conclusions regarding "then" and "now" there may have been a geographical aspect, and social factors, it also may well have been financial constraints - what do I know? They didn't have a car, She maybe just did not like perfume. I have no real answers, i just like to ponder on it. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Have a wonderful day!



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