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It's been a while......

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Since i had a good old ramble on here. I have been feverishly following the Blind Sniff thread, with great interest, trolling through the Notepad thread, putting stuff on the freebie thread, just trying to learn, and add to the community.

My fragrance wardrobe has not suffered in the meantime, though no new vintage treasures have fallen into my lap recently. I have though, been testing the ones i received via my mother in law. I have added to my vanity, vintage Eau de 1000, by Jean Patou. The parfum version in Baccarat bottle is being disposed of, i would have put it in the Marketplace, but i am not yet qualified to post there. But what a delicious fragrance, i love it.

Also claimed from the vintage box, was a mini bottle of Chanel No.5, as i can't be certain of the concentration, and it is therefore not able to be sold. I have never been really fond of it, but this dark brown version of it, is much more appealing than other concentrations i have smelled. Warmer, still very floral, but this has more warmth in it.

I am on the fence about vintage Caron Nuit De Noel. I tried it, i liked it. But like is not a powerful enough emotion for me to want to keep it, so i will try it again. There is also a Caron Bellodgia, however the atomiser is broken, so i plan to decant it. Shame the atomiser isn't pumping. Any tips on fixing them would be appreciated.

My big surprise was a bottle of Nina Ricci's Couer Joie. I couldn't find too much about it, there was a few details on Fragrantica, but i admit i did not even have a sniff. I checked it on Ebay, and was highly surpirised by the amounts people are charging for it. But, i could in no way, justify charging 300 dollars, as others are doing.

Anyway, while i was listing it, i had that usual panic of "i better check it hasn't gone bad" as i hate to think of someone receiving a frag that's gone off, because I know how it feels, and it's a chance i take with buying vintage. I applied a little on my arm, and oh wow, it's a beautiful floral. I listed it reluctantly after i smelled how divine it was, and i set the price a little higher than i originally planned, as i want it for myself now. *sigh* i am going to end up being on Hoarders.

I have had far better success with the SA in Nordstrom lately, and today i bought Prada Infusion D'Iris EDP, so they were falling over themselves to help me, and gave me several samples, and a very nice Balenciaga cosmetic bag. My hubs bought me TF Arabian Wood yesterday, the big bottle. And he made me a lovely little wooden stand to display my samples all neat and pretty, he even bevelled the edge with his router. I'll add a picture of it later, because he made a great job of it.

You know, this is a shockingly rubbish place to buy frags. I can get hold of some lovely niche stuff such as I Profumi Di Firenze, Tocca, Tokyo Milk, Royal Apothic, and K.Hall Designs, but try getting a little bottle of YSL M7 Oud Absolue, and you're clean out of luck. I am devastated that i also cannot locally obtain Diptyque, as i am feverishly panting for Opoponax, preferably the Room Spray, but i will settle for a candle. No dice baby.

Well. I haven't got too much more to say for now, but i continue my obsession with fragrance, basenotes, and educating myself with the resources made available to us here. I wasn't planning on blogging, however someone apparently reads my drivel, as i was asked to continue. I suppose if only even one person reads it, it's worth doing. It's just very random anyway. My thoughts.

Have a smashing weekend friends.
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  1. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    So glad to hear you're having better luck with the SAs.

    I always enjoy reading anyone's personal journey with perfume. Much more interesting than endless announcements of the newest release "Sensuous Naked Candybox Bouquet September Gurl edition," etc.

    Sounds like you've had some fantastic finds.
  2. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Sensuous Naked Candybox Bouquet September Gurl edition? Is that a flanker? I really must seek that out at once lol. But only the Vintage edition.

    I think I ramble aei almost think out loud, and if even one person reads it, i am cheered by that. Like you said, a journey, and i'll probably look back over it, in a year or so, and chuckle, at my naivete. But i really enjoy being part of the community, and take as much as i can from the more knowledgeable people, whilst giving back a little, by adding my 2 cents here and there. I love this place, and all it represents. And i greatly appreciate your comments. Thank you


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