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I want this, and that, and the other.....a rambling

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Some Diptyque goodies. A wise and benevolent benefactor should humour me, in a kindly, jolly, fatherly way, and buy me the Opoponax Candle and Room Spray, and the Volutes fragrance.

My devout praying seems not to be very effective in obtaining these luscious, precious, and highly desirable items, nor yet have i discovered my other desires nestling cosily in the mailbox. I need to be able to get my coveted SA position in the fragrance and beauty department of Nordstrom, i will be a workaholic should I succeed. I am sure they will be impressed by my enthusiasm.

I will strive to improve the Fragrance department, and press samples lovingly upon others like myself, who clearly display obsessive tendencies regarding Fragrance. It will be akin to medicating them for their unusual condition. I will be gentle with them, as i guide them to their eventual purchase. Oh well, i can dream, can't I?

It's certainly not the career choice i would have envisioned for myself, though the staff discount will certainly be receiving a good hammering. But i see myself in a little specialised store - my own store - stocking it with niche, rare, vintage and discontinued fragrances, they will glow with inner beauty and richness. Random passersby will look longingly in the windows, at the haughty beauty of my elegant, sophisticated bottles, who all have accents pertaining to their country of origin. They will press their noses up against my fancy windows, admiring the style of my apothecary fashioned shop floor, watching me interact almost lovingly, with my glazed-eyed customers, as i deliver them a dose of the object of their desire, to calm their fevered brows.

They will see me reach reverently into the cooler, for a rare and beautiful jewel of a bottle, hold it up to the light, and turn it this way, and that, the better to admire it's aged glory, and polish it lightly, with a 1000 thread count, Egyptian Cotton cloth. The removal of it's stopper, slowly, to lengthen the anticipation for my client, is a complicated, yet calculated movement, designed to display this antiquated gem to it's best advantage, and heighten their excitement.

Et voila!! I waft it under my nose, and reel back at the heady glory within, and waft my hands upwards towards my enthusiastic nostrils. With a nod of approval, i finally allow my palpitating client the merest sniff, then snatch it away, and demand his first impression.

Relenting, after he gives me a heartfelt look, i allow him to revel in the rich aroma drifting from the neck of the bottle, and see his eyes close ecstatically, as he tilts back his head, to allow his mind to process this olfactory experience i have delivered so beautifully to him.

I see that it's somehing he is excited by, and without asking, know he will want to have this. I offer him the choice of decant sizes, for i can not sell him the entirety, his pained look, perfectly describes the inner struggle of his mind. The desire raging within, to have, to possess, to own, and display this on a spotlit glass shelf is almost overwhelmng him, and he offers me a staggering sum, whcih i have no hesitation in refusing.

Oops, am i saying all this out loud? Its my fantasy, the culmination of my journey. Maybe i'll get there, maybe not, but it's nice to fantasise.

Have a good weekend friends
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