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Yet another frag-obsessed blogger emerges ...

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Hello All,

I'm quite the noob, but my nose is growing daily (not literally, thank you very much) and I wanted to use this space to pass along results of some comparison tests I've been working on. Why don't I post in the BN forums? So much of what's there is asking and responding to questions, and an unsolicited post by a neophyte on "what makes the 'aquatic/fresh category' so asphyxiating, er, enticing" might not be all that welcome. The reviews? They're not set up to compare multiple fragrances in one review/post, and such a comparo might be awkward to search for. The blogs are kind of out-of-the-way, but I think they're the best place to indulge myself.

About me: I'm a straight male in my 60's, but young at heart. I went through the Old Spice/English Leather/Canoe thing in the 60's, and Devin and Aramis in the late 70's. Then fragrance went out of style in my circle, and stayed that way until I met the woman who was to be my third wife, although she's anything but a Basenotes type. But our relationship truly began the day she gave me Euphoria for Men as a birthday present. One thing led to another ...

Apart from multi-frag reviews, what else might you find here? Things I come across in the retail world, and some amount of recording what I'm learning. Feedback is strongly encouraged.

Now for some real content 8-):

1. Finding Stuff: I was looking for Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche, which is discontinued. I bought the base frag (Channel Allure Homme) because of a sample whose central accord had me unable to stop sniffing the back of my hand. (An aside: I 'feel' that accord as 'yellow,' and that of John Varvatos (classic) as 'red.' Am I synaesthetic?)

Meanwhile some sample provider had included Allure Homme Edition Blanche in a package as a free gift (that shows how many samples I've been ordering lol). So I tried it, and found it lighter than its ancestor,and with a different opening (the reviews say lemons) ... but it still had the same wonderful core. Perhaps better than the original for the hottest days? Anyway, it's discontinued, so I'm thinking I had better get my posterior hitched up and get a bottle. Type type type click click click. Yeah, maybe some places might have been cheaper, though you can find it well over sticker price too, but I found 1.7 oz bottles at Nordstrom online. I brought up their online chat - do they have 3.4 oz? No, but some stores still do. Well, maybe only one store. In Texas. She transfers me to Dionne in the Lonestar state, and they have TWO bottles. But I just buy one - $84 plus tax, shipping free.

This is the second time I've gone through Nordstrom online customer service and been transferred to a store, and I have had gracious and helpful customer service both times. As to Edition Blanche, maybe that other bottle is still there, but it wouldn't surprise me if other stores (Neiman, Saks, even Macys) have bottles still gathering dust.

As to finding stuff outside of cyberspace - my local Perfumania is now carrying the Varvatos line. I look at the prices. "Not discounted?" I ask the manager. She shakes her head sadly. They also have Cartier Declaration and its Essence flanker, for over twice what you'd pay Amazon. I tried them along with Eau de Cartier, but didn't come to any conclusions. I had been drawn to Declaration, the first really mature non-sweet frag I've connected with, by a sample I ordered. I'm not sure a spray in a store can do much more than pique my interest - I really need to be home with samples where I can go through my process (such as it is).

2. Comparison tests: I plan to post a comparison of the whole Allure Homme line, if I can find anything to love among the Sport flankers. I'm trying to get samples of Allure Homme Sport Cologne and Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. Define 'whole line,' you ask? It probably won't include Allure Homme Eau Fraîchissante pour l'Été. I despair of getting hold of that one, but if someone wants to send me a sample, I would be most grateful.

Another comparison - it's for the category whose central accord I call "rich red fruits and wood", though detractors might deem it cough syrup, with or without the wood - Varvatos "classic", Vintage, Artisan, Artisan Black; Sexual Sugar Daddy (fire your branding "experts," Monsieur Germain!), Sexual Nights, and perhaps Sexual Secret and the new Sexual Noir; men's CK One Shock, One Million, and maybe Le Male.

I just sprayed on a sample of Ferragamo F Black. Geez, it's fading quickly, but it brought to mind another category, whatever one Azzaro pour Homme is in. That might lead to another comparison.

As you can see, I'm working my way through designer stuff. Niche lies in the future - that will need some time, and lots of sniffs and nose development.

Thanks for reading,
Don in Denver


  1. Wheelman's Avatar
    Testing the comment facility. And noting that this blog entry doesn't really flow like I would like, as a reread 4 hours after posting showed me. Just a word change here and there, maybe a change of tense, would have made it much better. Note to self: don't be so d*&^ quick on the trigger 8-).
  2. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Don't be hard on yourself Wheelman, i like reading the blogs, and contribute a fair amount of rambling meanderings myself. Musings, comparisons, novice reviews from my untrained nose. It's a fun way to record my thinking. Thumbs up
  3. Marais's Avatar
    Welcome and ramble away; some of us still have a decent attention span and some of those who don't are fast readers
  4. Wheelman's Avatar
    Just now recovering from BN withdrawal symptoms 8-). Anyway, thanks for the welcomes, Scent-imental and Marais 8-).
  5. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Me too, on the BN withdrawals. Fragantica just doesn't cut the mustard with me. I like it here, i like the interface, i'm glad we're up and running again, so I can have my "fix"
  6. Aparishun's Avatar has the entire line, including edition favorite. but look under allure homme sport.


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