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Blind-buying KISS HIM?

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I was about to leave the local fragrance shop yesterday when the owner pushed one more cologne: KISS HIM by KISS Cosmetics. The owner is a nice guy, and he seems enthusiastic about it, so I let him spray it on the back of my right hand.

Horrible mistake.

It was way too spicy in the opening, and the scent reminded me of a strong body odor. Repulsive.

I decided to be polite and thanked the owner, before driving off. Ten, fifteen minutes later, the spiciness started to diminish, and hints of sweetness began to rise, but that sweaty smell remained roughly strong. In fairness, KISS HIM radiated a powdery vibe towards the drydown, but that unpleasant combination of notes was still very hard to ignore, as it kept poking in the background. More than an hour later, I scrubbed it off by washing my hand with lukewarm water and an apple-scented handsoap. Interestingly, the scent of KISS HIM was faintly present on my hand, and that vile note(s) was finally gone, thank God.

I'm a fan of sweet fragrances, but this isn't my style. I'm not even sure if this cologne was inspired by KISS (the band), but if it is, KISS HIM is a very good representation of how sweaty band members smell like after performing on stage.

If you are planning on buying this blind because you are a fan of the band, all I can say is "you've been warned." Best of luck to those who bought this already.
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  1. Zaggora Girl's Avatar
    Hey Del, great article, thanks for warning us about the product! What sweet fragrances would you suggest then?
  2. del's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zaggora Girl
    Hey Del, great article, thanks for warning us about the product! What sweet fragrances would you suggest then?
    Hi Zaggora Girl, thanks for stopping by!

    My current favorite sweet fragrance is Eau des Baux by L'Occitane. The spices are well-blended and the sweetness is very "controlled" from middle to base -- not cloying. It is inviting, addictive, and very pleasant to the nose.

    This $50 full bottle has an amazing longevity, and very good projection the first couple of hours, before eventually becoming a detectible scent (stronger than skin scent). I can still smell this on me several hours after the first application without having to put my arms/wrist to my nose.

    Eau des Baux is one of the scents that I really feel compelled to write a review about. Such a quality fragrance without the hefty tag price. I admire it so much that I want my close friends to know I am wearing it, as I want to share it with them because I know they will enjoy it, too.

    Another one is A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler. The tobacco-cherry combination is unique and is irresistible. Like all A*Men flankers that I've tried, Pure Havane also has an outstanding longevity and very good projection.

    If I really want heavy sweetness, I turn to the original A*Men by Thierry Mugler; or my samples of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, and Noir de Noir; or even M7 by YSL.

    If you also have a recommendation, please feel free to post so I can put them on my to-test list. Thanks, and see you around! ;-)
  3. Zaggora Girl's Avatar
    Thanks for your quick reply! We've heard about these fragrances before too, and will definitely give them a try when Christmas Shopping! What characteristics do you look for when buying a fragrance?
  4. del's Avatar
    Hey there Zaggora Girl! I like fragrances that have great longevity, something that will last for a full work-day, and leave a subtle trail when you walk by the hallway. As much as possible, I sample before buying a bottle.


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