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help me choose

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hi everyone,
i am new to using perfumes,after reading reviews i purchased aqua di gio, its good but not lasting long on me(2 hrs max,my skin chemistry or weather i dont know)

i am planning to buy my second perfume,help me to select
iam living in india , here climate is hot and humid most of the time,
i dont prefer woody or musky perfumes,i prefer aquatic and floral,
i expect the perfume to smell good,not offencive to others(i am a doctor),and last long.
after reading reviews i narrowed down to three
1.Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey
2.azzaro chrome
3.davidoff cool water
any other suggestions are also welcome,thank you.


  1. kpsk's Avatar
    I would go with issey miyake, it lasts a while and does pretty well in the heat, good luck!
  2. apia2006's Avatar
    Try Boss Elements Aqua, a very very good and long-lasting aquatic for men...
  3. IgnacioLi's Avatar
    I would definitely go for issey miyake, the longevity and sillage is insane for an aquatic fragrance


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