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Tabac Blond Day 5

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Dominatrix in a bottle! Dead sexy. Is it supposed to be sexy? Is it the leather? I've never worn anything I perceived to be in-your-face sexy, but I never would have guessed it smelled like this.

I did, however, sense that I should proceed with caution on this one, so I wore to work a loose-fitting light turquoise colored crewneck sweater and minimalist makeup. But next night on the town with DH, I just may have to rock this one with the form-fitting black dress, knee-high stiletto boots, and red lips. Or maybe not, because when DH smelled it, he said,"Old West!" Hmmm.....

I decided to wear Tabac Blond two days in a row (this one is definitely FB worthy) and I started thinking about why I find it so sexy, and furthermore, what makes a fragrance sexy in the first place. There are those out there whose names/marketing attempt to convince the unsuspecting consumer of their sex appeal (any one of Victoria's Secret scents, certain Armanis, Tom Fords, etc.) but they don't smell sexy to me and seem misplaced in that category. They may be feminine, but they are not sexy.

AHA!! Tabac Blond DOESN'T smell feminine. One of the reviewers here wrote on Tabac Blond, that it says, "This is me, baby, take it or leave it." I love that. It has nothing to prove. It doesn't have to assert anything. It is what it is, thank you very much. And that is why I feel so sexy in it. I can keep my jewelry, my makeup, my heels, my outfits. Everything about my appearance may be overtly feminine. Everything about me says that I am a woman-- but my fragrance doesn't have to. It simply states, "This is me, baby, take it or leave it."

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  1. JaimeB's Avatar
    I love Tabac Blond, and I think you're right about it not being particularly feminine. Still, I will say this: On a woman, it does smell sexy (perhaps because it's slightly "masculine"); but on me, it smells nice, but not at all sexy!

    I don't know if other guys who have worn this feel the same way. Maybe they'll chime in with their opinions!
  2. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Ohhhh my gooooooodnesssssss! How would a lil northwest gal like myself actually go about obtaining a bottle of this tasty stuff? Is edt a reasonable substitute?


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