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Everyday scents for newbie

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hi there im new to fragrances. need some honest advice/recommendation for a mens fragrance for a . i have 5 ideas in mind, and best recommendation. or any other reasonably priced fragrance recommendation.
1. Hugo Boss bottled
2. YSL L'homme
3. Calvin Klein eternity
4. Aqua de gio ezzenssa
5. Channel allure homme sport


  1. IgnacioLi's Avatar
    Channel allure homme sport and YSL L'homme would be my first 2 picks, followed by ADG Essenza.
    Not a big fan of hugo boss fragrances, and I don't find CK eternity that versatile on me
  2. jcw122's Avatar
    Givenchy Play Intense
  3. BriGuy's Avatar
    Go for the YSL l'homme of those on that list. Besides that I'd say go hang out at Sephora, they'll give you all the samples you need (even if only 4 at a time).

    Best advice I can think of is to test what works for YOU, even if a lot of people here say it doesn't work for them.

    Good luck!


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