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Making sense of scents

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Welcome to my new Blog. I will try to post regularly on topics of interest.

Today we are talking about Longevity. One of the biggest complaints I hear is "I like the smell, but this doesn't last!" Longevity is being able to sniff a fragrance hours later. This is contingent on several factors.

Is it EdT, EdC, EdP? The concentration of oils makes a fragrance last longer.

Are you sure it isn't lasting, or maybe your nose is "used to" the smell and you think you can't smell it. Like "tuning out" other voices in a room, your brain tunes out some odors.

A fragrance may last 8 hours one time you use it , and only 4 the next. Often this is because of body temperature. On a cool day without much exertion, a fragrance may seem to disappear quickly, only to come roaring back when you run up the stairs to a meeting. They body radiates more heat, so carries the fragrance away from you.

Ask around. Some Fragrance houses like Creed and Penhaligon's have a reputation of smelling good, and not lasting very long.

You can improve the longevity by putting unscented lotion on, or wearing it on a warmer, more humid day.

Next Up: Matching scent to season


  1. BriGuy's Avatar
    Great thread topic! I personally have a difficult time with projection, even while using lotion and living in a very hot and humid environment (Orlando, FL).

    Are you aiming towards ideas on extending longevity in general (like using certain body lotion or spraying lightly on a shirt) out suggestions of fragrances which have a naturally longer presence?
  2. Possum-Pie's Avatar
    I can help you pick out fragrances with a longer life...Bond no. 9 House carries fragrances that all last over 8hrs. Also, Montale Paris's fragrances all have monster longevity. Unfortunately there is not many things you can do to extend the longevity of a weak fragrance. I Love Penhaligon's but no matter what I do, it only lasts 3 or 4 hrs. Also, be sure your nose isn't getting "Used to" the smell, ask those around you if they smell it. Also, be sure you are using enough, sometimes when we sample fragrances, we tend to put on too little, and it doesn't last. Put on 1/2ml or 3 spritzes to really test it.


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