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Buying samples

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The best way to test fragrances for likability, longevity, and projection is to get samples. Most department stores have stopped giving out samples, but you can test the fragrances there in the store. REMEMBER, a fragrance will not smell the same on a test paper as it will on your skin. Test on paper first, if you like it, apply it to your neck/arms and make note of the time. See how long it lasts. For Niche house samples, the easiest ways to try is to buy samples from THe Perfumed Court, or Surrender to Chance, stores that specialize in selling samples. REMEMBER, an atomizer will disperse the fragrance lightly over a larger area, so try not to buy the small samples with a "wand" but get one that sprays. Believe me, it will smell different. EBAY also is a good place to buy sample lots, 20 or 30 samples for one price.



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