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How to apply a fragrance

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There are a lot of "old wives tales" and superstitions about application of a fragrance. Many have a grain of truth, some are accurate. First, know how strong and what kind of projection your fragrance has. A very powerful fragrance will project arms length from your body. You don't want to overpower people, just give them a whiff as you walk by. I generally put one spritz on my upper chest. This allows my body heat to rise the fragrance to my nose during the day. I put 1/2 to 1 spritz on each side of my neck. depending how strong it is. This allows for projection as I turn and walk. With a weaker fragrance with poor projection such as a Penhaligon's, I apply a spritz to each forearm also. moving my arms causes this to project better. Don't apply behind the ears. The human body produces a thick oil behind the ears that is sour smelling. It will interact with the fragrance and change it's smell. Some people put fragrance inside the wrists and rub. I have heard both sides of the argument for this, some say the PH is different on the wrist and you shouldn't apply it there. I haven't noticed much difference, just DON'T rub them, the friction produces heat, which causes the top note volatile oils to evaporate quickly. Also, don't spray your hair...the alcohol isn't good for your hair, and you won't get much projection except straight over everyone's heads. Ask others during the day if they can smell the cologne. Your nose can get "used to" the smell and you won't be a good judge. Adjust how much you wear by others feedback.


  1. Zaggora Girl's Avatar
    Great article, thanks for the tips! What are your favorite types of fragrances? We love fruity and sweet ones!
  2. Possum-Pie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zaggora Girl
    Great article, thanks for the tips! What are your favorite types of fragrances? We love fruity and sweet ones!
    I tend to like Leather, Oud, spices in fragrances. Fruity and sweet ones are nice if it is cool weather, but can be a bit much if it is hot outside. If you like fruity and sweet try Montale Pretty Fruity!
  3. Zaggora Girl's Avatar
    Awesome, will give it a try! Smelling awesome is so important for us ladies !
  4. noirdrakkar's Avatar
    I generally spray one on the back of the neck, one on the chest, and a very light spray on my left wrist (just so I can keep track of how it projects)


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