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From cigarettes to perfume addiction

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I was always in love with perfumes ... but i was a very ordinary guy who doesnt care too much about what i really apply or what are the story of perfumes .... my obsession about fragrances actually started when i quit smoking .....

i quit smoking couple of months ago and i decided to replace that bad habit with something that is beatiful and i wanted to reward myself for quitting smoking ....

i decided to buy a new bottle of perfume with the money i used to buy cigarittes with..... but which perfume to buy? where ? how? ... etc

i started googling the internet untill i found basenotes the story begins ... a perfume is more than a nice smelling liquid .... it is like a symphony that need be carefully composed .....

My interest of perfumes increased, started reading more and more ... discovering new things about perfumes ... there are "Wheels" that describes perfume types ... there are notes that react together .... there are natural ingredietns .... There are addiction to perfumes ... and thats where i am now ... a perfume addict


  1. exquisitely me's Avatar
    I can't say I mind you switching one habit for another. At least this one can only hurt your wallet.

    Congratulations on quitting! Hopefully regaining your sense of taste and smell makes it easier to give it up.

    Just curious, have you smelled anything with a prominent tobacco note? I wonder if it would smell differently to someone who used to smoke?
  2. ausamamira's Avatar
    Herrera for men ... hmmm .. love it .... i love tobacco note in fragrances .... and i think it smell the same for me even when i was a smoker!! .... i dont like tobacco note on smokers however
  3. dredmahawkus's Avatar
    ha i did the same quit smoking 4 months ago and spend it all on cologne
  4. ausamamira's Avatar
    "ha i did the same quit smoking 4 months ago and spend it all on cologne" .... Great i have a partner now
  5. 's Avatar
    Congratulation on quitting smoking and welcome to perfume addiction. I became very interested in perfumes 2 years ago and I've enjoyed the sampling and happiness ever since. What a harmless way to spend one's time.!!!


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