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V&R Antidote - Sovereign Specific

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One of the more ubiquitous sights on Basenotes is a thread to the effect of ďGiven what I already have, what else do you all recommend I get?Ē I just commented on one of them a few minutes ago, and Iím responsible for three or four of them myself. One of them had several people suggest Antidote by Viktor & Rolf, the same perfumers that make the ladiesí hit Flowerbomb. Now, these recommendations were from members whose opinions I value quite highly, so I took it to heart and committed the name to memory in case I wandered into a sample of it.

And wander I did, into Von Maur at Louisvilleís Oxmoor Center, where they had a display of Antidote, and that beautiful bottle. It is seriously one of the most stylish bottles Iíve got. But a pretty bottle is only part of what Antidote offers.

The opening blast is big and strong, a host of woods and spices. Itís full, lush, even sparkling is a term Iíd use to describe it, as it definitely has a sort of effervescent sensation to the nose. The main players throughout are sandalwood, cinnamon, and vanilla. Despite the massive note pyramid, I think these three are the great majority of the scent. It is sweet yet robust all at once, and remains so for about six hours when a base of amber becomes more prominent. This is also when the fragrance becomes slightly less masculine, but still an excellent evening wear fragrance.

The closest thing out of my wardrobe to this one is Original Santal by Creed, lovingly referred to as ďThe Bombay Flamethrower.Ē The best thing Iíve found to layer with this is, unsurprisingly to serial readers, Aramis Havana. What I find with this ďHavantidoteĒ is that it blends the boisterous, effusive qualities of Havana and sweetens the whole thing up with another shot of sandalwood and amber. Really worth trying at least once if youíre fortunate enough to have both.

So where do I put Antidote? Out of 36 fragrances rated on Basenotes itís one of only five that I gave a full five stars to. Myself and a few other Basenoters scored tester bottles for well below retail. It is definitely worth sampling, but if you canít find it and Creedís more accessible, Original Santal is similar enough to put you in the ballpark. A very worthy fragrance, and one thatís still under the radar for a great many people.



  1. kbe's Avatar
    I nailed a bottle at our local Costco for $39.00 last December.

    The pairing with Havana sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip. I have to try that although I rarely (if ever) pair or layer. Don't know why either..
  2. bluesoul's Avatar
    That is an excellent price! I don't really remember what I paid for my tester but it was in that ballpark, I felt like I'd made a good buy. And I rarely layer, myself, I don't remember what made me think of trying them both together but it's quite nice.
  3. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    I completely agree! The bottle is what initially drew me to the scent but today I received my sample and just wow. I'm pretty new at fragrances and whatnot but this one is just so different from what I've smelled. Although it isn't TOO out there and can be appreciated by pretty much anyone. I have the feeling I'm going to buy it and hopefully will work well in the Fall.


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