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Krak des Chevaliers

The Persistence of Memory and a Visit from Kerosene

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I've recently repurchased the three fragrances that made up my steady rotation in high school and college, just to see how much they've changed (and how much I have, for that matter). Drakkar Noir and Grey Flannel were thoroughly pleasant reintroductions. Calvin by Calvin Klein, however, turned out a grave disappointment--even allowing for the distortions of hindsight, I have difficulty believing that the drear contents of this little blue bottle are the same as they were in 1981. A smear of deodorant soap lightly misted with 4711: flat, cheap, complacent. Somebody's changed and I ain't sure that it's me.

In happier news, I'm thrilled that John (Kerosene) Pegg will be appearing for a talk with the Fragrance Club at the school where I teach on November 10. It should be a smashing event. John's visit is open to the public, so if you live in or near the greater Buffalo NY area and would like to stop by, let me know.



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