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Tea For Two - I made a mess.

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LíArtisan Parfumeur has a reputation for being daring, innovative, and completely unique. Iíd heard enough good about Tea For Two and Mechant Loup (review forthcoming) that I selected both of them for sampling from Luckyscent. In short, the scent lives up to the name. The opening is smoky and mildly sweet, like tea steeping. In this phase itís rather interesting, and a somewhat rustic scent in an unusual use of the description. The scent is fairly linear, the base is pleasant and warm, in fact you get that warm vibe all the way through it.

But it still needs to be asked. Do I really want to smell like a hot cup of tea? I donít drink all that much tea (lazy etc.) but it certainly conjures up those images. Thatís not me at all. In fact, when do I wear this? Canít wear it in a social setting or Iím Buzz Killington.


Jokes aside, itís unique, itís warm and inviting, and itís almost exactly like you made a mess and spilled hot tea on yourself. I respect it for what it is but itís just not for me.

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  1. EnvYuS's Avatar
    Ha. I get your joke, even though they are drinking wine and beer instead of tea (funny episode). Either way I see what you are saying about the scent. I is very tea-like, but I think it has some nice stuff to balance it out. It is dry and sweet because of the tea leaves and honey but twists on the smokeyness.

    I happen to love it. It's not for everyone though. If I found the tea that tastes like this frag smells I would buy it. Doubtful...
  2. ador's Avatar
    I like tea but don't want to smell like it.


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