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Wearing fragrances when others complain...

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There is a fine line between "doing what you like" and bothering others. I have heard people say "I don't care if somebody doesn't like my fragrance, I wear it for me..." Wearing fragrance is like smoking, if someone complains, or you are in a closed area, it is poor etiquette to dump on the fragrance. You can do a half spritz on your upper chest under your clothes. The warmth will rise the scent to your nose without blowing anyone else out of the room. Be aware of your surroundings. Many Hospitals and businesses have BANNED use of fragrances on their property, because of a few who bathe in cologne, offending everyone. Use your judgement, use sparingly and no one will know but you...


  1. Curly11's Avatar
    Yes, I agree with you, Possum-Pie. Too much of a good thing (perfume, that is) ruins the positive effects of fragrance.
    In fact, I am increasingly dismayed at use of fragrance in EVERYTHING. It is next to impossible to walk down the laundry detergent aisle at a grocery store without becoming either asthmatic or nauseated.
  2. noirdrakkar's Avatar
    I agree.

    When I'm in a crowded area such as a bus, in hot weather, or in places that would raise my body heat like a gym, I spray less.

    At work, I wear only one spray of cologne.


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