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I just bought a perfume from Esscentual Fragrances (UK) thinking that I would get a very special fragrance created with my favorite notes for a high cost. The company took about 2 months to send in the creation but I was so excited to get it that I really didn't mind about this. When I finally got the perfume, the first thing I did was to spread it around my room and body, and oh boy, the smell was horribly. I mean, it literally stank.
The smell of this perfume is so bad that I cannot even use it to spread it around the house. I really don't know what went wrong, but I hope this company stops selling very soon. I felt swindled. Have you ever paid to one of those websites to create your own perfume? How was it like your perfume?


  1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
    The general consensus about these sites is that they are all scams.


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