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Now that you have sampled some fragrances, you found one that you love. You want to buy a bottle. If you don't do your research, you can be in for sticker shock. A bottle of Montale Cuir d' Arabie goes for $101 from their webstore, or $200 from another online perfume retailer. WOW, that is almost double! Creed Green Irish Tweed is $315 from the Creed website, but only $124 from several online retailers. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Don't jump at the first bottle you see. EBAY is a good place to buy, but watch out. Some expensive popular fragrances are counterfeited. I generally buy "used" bottles on EBAY, often without boxes from people who want to get rid of them. Counterfeiters usually don't sell "used" counterfeited bottles, so they are usually genuine. Also look for someone with good feedback. Another way to get a good deal, is find someone who bought the jumbo size bottle at a discount, and who is splitting it up. You can get a fair price that way if everyone shares the initial cost. Lastly, you can visit a perfume store near you. The benefit to this is you know it is genuine, you get to try things for free before you buy, and if there is a problem-say the sprayer doesn't work- you can exchange it without much hassle. You may pay a little more but you have peace of mind. Do your research, and you can save some money.


  1. noirdrakkar's Avatar
    I find fragrancenet to be a reliable website. I never got conned by them once.

    I've gotten used counterfeits on ebay before. But from probably from people who unknowingly bought a fake new one.


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