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Original youtube reviewers - pretty cool guys, fun to watch; new batch - nerds, awkward, dorks,

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The only one I'lll blind buy is Hiro. And sometimes the Canadian in Malaysia, I forget his name but much respect.


  1. noirdrakkar's Avatar
    I do watch the youtube reviewers.

    Tim was my favorite. It's too bad that he stopped making videos.

    Whether they are cool or nerds? Perhaps both? I mean, they get excited about fragrances and they are a big part of their lives. That is completely alien to 99% of people on the planet. But at the same time, it's something their passionate about and they are helping other people pursue what they are passionate about, I think it's cool.
  2. sjg3839's Avatar
    I watch those guys also. A lot of them are pretty good. Brandon, Coach Rob 619, Al from Street Scents, Mark, Drac Doc, Kerosene to name a few. They can help folks save a lot of money from buying blind. Much respect to those guys!


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