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best teenage colognes that get most compliments

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looking for the best teenage colognes that get the most compliments

this is my list of colognes i got so far

a&f fierce - most compliments i get from girls and also guys. beast projection on this one
pe 360 red - its between good and ok, only worn it like 5 times since i got it
burberry london - i don't really like it cause it seems like a more mature scent, haven't worn yet, so idk about compliments
hollister jake - its ok, only worn it twice
azzaro chrome - i like it, it gets decent compliments and my projection on it is pretty good
rochas man - just got this, smells ok, haven't worn yet
one million by paco - smells like something you wear to parties, haven't worn yet, i heard its a good compliment getter but guys hate it
versace pour homme - its alright, worn it like 3 times

make sure the best teenage colognes that get the most compliments don't smell the same as any of the ones i got


  1. noirdrakkar's Avatar
    For a teenager, basically anything fresh or safe works.

    And you don't have to worry about being original because most high school kids will have no prior experience to even the most popular ones like Le Male or Acqua Di Gio.


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