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Seasonal wear or when can I wear this?

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You will hear many opinions on appropriate times to wear different fragrances. Some folks say not to wear citrus in the winter, others say no gourmands in the summer. The bottom line is wear what you want when you want to...with a few guidelines. Gourmands such as vanilla, sugar, maple, or any sweet smelling fragrance tends to be cloying, or thick in the heat and humidity of summer. These are best worn in cooler weather. By the same token, if you are going to a party where you know there will be crowds and it will get hot, even if it is cool weather outside, best to stay away from the sickly-sweet. Citrus or mint tend to be worn more in summer, because they smell cool and brisk. Doesn't mean you can't wear them in winter, just remember that they are volatile oils, and don't project or last without some heat and humidity. The florals make us think of spring, and are often worn in spring or early summer, but again, a bit of lilac or rose in the winter can make us think of spring. Oud, incense, and spicy fragrances go well at anytime, they are worn in the Middle East when the temps reach 100 degrees. Be careful in the winter with closed in spaces and lots of people when you wear a projecting Oud or incense. They tend to project arms length. Many people say that fragrances that are labeled as "sport" or "flankers" are summer fragrances. I have worn many flankers during different seasons, but if you are going to a semi-formal or formal affair, stay away from the trendy dept. store sport scents. Something more sophisticated like Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel won't leave you smelling like a teenager. Keep a variety on hand to be ready in any season, and any time of day to smell nice.



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