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My first couple of reviews are up. I wanted to do a couple at first just to see if they would fly, and they do. So I'll get to work on my next batch, which will include quite a few more. By all means let me know how you feel about them, good or bad. I just want to see if they connect at all to people. If nothing else its a change of pace from the normal reviews. You need that, especially if you are checking them on A*Men.



  1. SculptureOfSoul's Avatar
    Just want to say I love your review style. It's completely unique and refreshing, especially to me as I'm one of those who tends to try to break down a scent analytically. While deconstructing a scent like that is enjoyable on an intellectual level, the deeper and true joy is simply sitting back and sniffing and letting a scent take you somewhere and your reviews let me vicariously partake in that joy with you, so thank you!

    Keep on writing (and sniffing!), Jarrod.


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