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Holiday Shopping

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Looking for a good Christmas present for that person who has everything? Can't find the right Chanukah present? Fragrance is the answer! For that discerning person who appreciates the finer things in life, fragrances are perfect. They show that you took time to ponder which one they would like, and that you put thought into your gift. Start by thinking about what they already own. Do they gravitate to Fruity, floral, or spice? Then think about what you think they would smell nice wearing. Try to stay away from the avant-garde fragrances unless you really believe they would like them. For "safe" houses, Penhaligon's and Heeley have many different light fragrances to choose from, and all are "safe" for anyone to wear. Montale, Amouage and Serge Lutens are great houses for the person who likes more spicy notes. If your person is very special, and has been extra nice, Mona d'Orio's Les Nombres DOr collection offers exquisite perfumes that were hand selected by the late Mona d'Orio herself to make some of the finest fragrances around.
You cannot find these houses in the department stores, which makes them exclusive and reduces the chances of smelling "like everyone else". One of my favorite Place to shop fragrances is Penny Lane Perfumes in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. I discovered them this summer, and I was so impressed with how much time they took helping me find the perfect fragrance that I try to help with getting the word out. They carry all of the above houses, plus a lot more. Don't worry if you don't live nearby, they just started selling online! Find them at



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