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exploring Comme des Garcons

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The next house I want to tackle is Comme des Garcons. I have White and enjoy it a lot (probably need a backup, actually). I find it to be extremely versatile, being fresh and light for the spring, but also warm and spicy for cooler weather. Yes, I tend to wear different scents in different seasons, although I understand not everyone does.

So far I've sampled the orginial eau de parfum, the newer eau de parfum, 2, 2 Man, Artek Standard, and......I guess that's it.

I love the original eau de parfum. It makes me think of paper rose incense.

I also love 2, it's a little lighter and fresher, and I think I'll need more of this in the spring. It borders on too light but there are times when I want a lighter fragrance, for sure.

I really enjoy 2 Man, and I'll most likely need a bottle of that soon. But not before Standard.

I love Artek Standard, and this is most likely my next bottle purchase. It just simply smells great. Comfortable and versatile, polite (for work or anywhere), just the right strength. But it also has a feel of cool condensation or something that makes it just weird enough to be interesting. Maybe a Christmas gift to myself.

I also want to try 8 88, Wonderwood, the entire incense series, probably the 'red' series or at least a couple of them, and a few others too.

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