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H*ll has most definitely frozen over and the end of the world is nigh!

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First I reach for and love Dior Dior Addict EDP - a scent I have not worn in nearly 7 years and which I found horridly cloying, smothering, and synthetic due to an excess of that evil note Tonka bean. But a night or so ago it was divine. An addictive miasma of orange blossom, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and musk. (I think the sandalwood oil I layered with it help keep it in check.)
Then last night I actually reached for and wore that cruel demon rouge, DIOR HYPNOTIC POISON!!! and...and...and last night it was NOT a scrubber!! It remained civilised, a nice not quite powdery, not quite gourmand sillagy comfort blanket of bitter (read unsweet, non foody) almond and dark vanilla woods. Not sexy at all, perfect for bedtime.
Maybe it was a one off and all will be back to normal soon...but I fear this is a sign of horrors to come. This morning the trace of it is still present upon my skin, a subtle shadow of dark vanilla wood tempered by a bitterness I liken to wormwood but is probably the caraway.
I will let you know if I lose my mind and actually (voluntarily) reach for AND enjoy full wearings of Givenchy Pi, Chopard Casmir or, Gad forbid, Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque. *sob*
It may just be spring fever. If I crave an ozonic or aquatic, put me out of my misery and get on your knees and pray...



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