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untitled (I never was any good at naming things)

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Two of my most highly anticipated niche samples, Borneo 1834 and Aomassai, have recently slapped me in the face and in no uncertain terms told me that no, we can't be friends, and no, we don't even want to hang out.

On the other hand, my very first blind buy, Mitsouko, hooked her arm through mine and said, 'Hey, we've actually got a lot in common! Let's take a walk and chat.' So we did. And here's what I learned.

Three of my five very favorites (Mitsy became a fast friend) are circa 1920 inceptions. The other two are mid-90's, so their hype has long since died down, but they have their own loyal following. And looking at other aspects of my life, they so adequately mirror my wardrobe and wishlist, I shouldn't be surprised that I have yet to find a niche offering that speaks to me.
My tastes in music are a bit scattered, but in no way are they anywhere close to hip or edgy. I love to listen to classic rock, artists whose best albums were put forth before I was born-- Led Zeppelin, The Who, Creedence, Rush. I liken them to Nuit de Noel, Tabac Blond, and Mitsy. I love the baroque period, as well-- I may not have the knowledge or the pedigree to appreciate such music to its fullest, but when something strikes my heart, I cannot deny it. I compare Chanel No. 22 to J.S. Bach. I liken my well-loved Hypnotic Poison and another new friend, Tocade, to Sarah McLachlan and Dido-- easy to love, easy to listen to, easy to wear.

I look for clean lines and flattering colors and shapes in my wardrobe-- stuff that has withstood the test of time. I will never be a trendsetter, and I'm okay with that. The skinny jeans tucked into boots was never really me, anyway. So it is with Serge. I keep trying, but so far, they've all said, 'You know, no.'

The fun thing about perfume is that I can always pass it along, with a friendly 'Hey, check this out!' That's the excitement of trying something new, seeing how it fits, discovering another artist with a new sound. There's the perfect pair of low-waisted flares that aren't in style but make me feel like a million bucks anyway; the pink pearls wrapped around my wrist; Handel's Xerxes, the discovery of something old, beautiful, and now new.

There's also the ever-present possibility of breaking the mold. Today my non-edgy, tried-and-true loving self will try on Passage d' Enfer. The incense sounds promising.

I recently bought a pair of those skinny jeans, and Serge's Datura Noir sits waiting to be discovered.

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  1. Makeup Maniac's Avatar
    Ahhh, the joy of discovering Mitsy. Is she not divine? I don't hang out with her often, but we have quite a bond when we do share time with one another.

    What Serge's have you sampled? I didn't quite know for sure at first if they were 'me' or not, either, and I thought that was all the better for my purse strings, but eventually sampled Fumerie Turque and fell in love.

    Count me in as another Tocade lover. And it is easy to wear. I feel like I'm being wrapped in a big 'ole hug when I wear it.

    What was the verdict on the Passage d' 'Enfer?
  2. 's Avatar
    Good to hear you are being "True to thyself". There is no advantage to fragrance snobbery IMO.

    There are frags I love that people I respect here absolutely detest. ( e.g. Fendi Uomo). The fun is in the adventure of finding juice that you wear well and enjoy the life of the scent.

    Keep on sampling. A Holy Grail might not even exist, but who cares? You just never know.......:rolleyes:
  3. TaraYvonne's Avatar
    I think there should be a holy grail for every mood of a woman, so therefore, you can't have just one holy grail anyway. That's like telling her she should only wear one outfit and like it every day. Great blog, Sunnyfunny. I know exactly what you mean, some fragrances love you the minute they hit your skin while others send you running for the shower. Have you tried Five O'Clock Au Gingembre yet? That's a really inoffensive and wearable Lutens that reminds me of tea and spices-lovely and light. A little too light for me though. I wish it were heavier.
  4. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    I must provide an update. Earlier this week I was in the mood for a challenge, the weather was cool, and Borneo 1834 fit the bill. I was completely blown away. I could wear this! (Just not in the presence of my patch-hating DH.) So y'know what? One must never box oneself in. I'm beginning to regret a couple frags I wrote off at first and sent packing. I'm glad I kept some of this one around!
  5. Aiona's Avatar
    I was just thinking this same thing, Sunnyfunny -- how my choice of fragrance mimics my real-life relationships, friendships, and the like.


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