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Anyone out there know about the French EBay ban on perfumes and cosmetics?? It is seriously annoying!!I used to be able to buy perfume from Germany, UK, The USA, and now NOTHING!! Has anyone tried buying on EBay & been refused?


  1. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    A shame indeed Gav!
    Here is an interesting thread that emerged on the boards around the time of the decision:
  2. memories's Avatar
    It would indeed be a shame if it happened here. I got a one off Patou yesterday. I've had a box of Bond Bon-Bons and countless others with no problems. The worst was a seller who put 500ml of Madame Rochas in just a Jiffy bag so it was shards when it got to me. I don't know how fakes can be policed or what if anything E : Bay do if you are de-frauded. I am buying a lot at the moment in case such a thing happens as I have also managed to buy a lot of discontinued Aqua Allegorias that I really missed.


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