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Looking for the smell of the old leather-bound book 2

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Afterwards, I got the idea that the smell of the old book was caused by the marbling paper flavored with Myrrh. And soon, I had an urge to get L'eau Trois (Diptyque) said to be smell of Myrrh. I had no idea about scent of Myrrh essence either L'eau Trois at that time.

I bought it via internet from us, 'cause it wasn't to be found any stores either web shops in Japan, and I got it at last.

Well, L'eau Trois, I love the aroma, but the smell is like bay leaf (laurel) for me. And totally different from the smell of book.

I went to the Dyptique counter, got the blotter of Myrrhe (room spray) and brought it to the library to make sure. I explain my thought to the librarian and handed the paper. He saids "[snif] Oh it's nice scent! [snif]....It may be similar to the book...." He wouldn't open the book shelf to set beside because it was on exhibit then.

So, this question is left unsolved. I keep up search for the connection between paper marbling and Myrrh or any other incenses.

(Pardon my English)


I smelled Frankincense for the fist time yesterday. That was "laurel" scent to me.

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