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Winter and Fragrances

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Now that cold weather is upon (most) of us, we take in to consideration the weather when we grab for the fragrance bottles. Is there really anything you can or can't wear in the winter? Warm heat rising from your skin helps project your fragrance up and away. The other day, I applied Montale Black Aoud and took off for work. It was cold in my car, cold as I got out, but I was late, and trotted/jogged across the parking lot. While I didn't smell my Montale at all in the car and was a bit disappointed, when I got inside the warm building, and took off my coat, Boom! There was the dusty rose smell of my Black Aoud. My body heat caused it to really project. Wnter is a good time to wear your monster projecting Montale fragrances in the cold weather when you need a boost to project.
Remember, Gourmands, sweet smelling perfumes that are almost sickly sweet in hot humid summer, do well in the winter. Just remember, if you are going to be in a hot crowded location, they still will come off as sickly sweet so be careful.


  1. noirdrakkar's Avatar
    keep in mind that indoor places have heaters in the winter and are often hotter inside than in fall. so the reverse may be true with what people think about winter scents.


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