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Occpational Scent

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After moving in the east side of Tokyo, I've noticed a weird phenomenon in the neighborhood. When walking on a street or shopping etc, the heavy sweet scent suddenly comes out. Whenever the scent appears, there is sumo wrestler(s) around. In the east Tokyo, many sumo stables are besed on, so you can see sumo pupils are hanging around. The aroma is caused by their hair oil "Bintsuke-Abura". It is very powdery sweet and "good old" scent. I began to think it was a lucky day when I happened to smell it.

I felt tempt to get the scent. It is able to buy the oil though, it isn't for ordinary use but for chonmage(traditinal top-knot) style. So I was looking for the fragrance that similar to it.
One day, I heard that Labdanum 18 (Le Labo) was similar to the scent of the oil. So I went to test it. At the counter, the clerk sprayed Labdanum 18 on my left hand and Santal 33 on the other one. On the way to home, I felt sick with both mix-up powerfull scent (at that time, I'd never used EDP). So I gave up Labdanum 18. And then I found sweet fragrances makes me sick. Yes, I tend to feel nausea with almost lady's frangrances on my skin. But, still now, I love to smell the sumo wrestler's scent from a safe distance.

(Pardon my English, thank you)

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