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Review: Osmanthus by Different Company

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Osmanthus by Different Company is the scent of the cumulative hum of fragrances as you are rushing through the perfume section of a department store. As you soar down the main aisle with only slight glances at counters and into luminous stalls, you can't help but think, "This is what the air would smell like every day if I worked here."

Osmanthus is the fragrance held inside of the empty paper shopping bag stuffed with crisp tissue paper from the same department store. As you lift the paper out, the scent escapes and you smell flowers briefly, faintly, and it's nice. You consider placing the tissue paper into your sock drawer, but decide the scent would never transfer.

You are sitting in the darkness, waiting for the performance to begin. A woman is also sitting somewhere in the audience. You can't see her and you aren't moved enough to try, but you do think to yourself: someone is wearing perfume.

The silhouettes of flowers are floating in the negative space inside of a coat still warm from a woman's body. The coat is hanging at the entrance to an expensive restaurant.

This fragrance is like saying, "mom" when you feel bad, even if you don't actually want to see your mom.

Osmanthus is the essence of familiarity, but at a distinct distance.
If you never want to get closer, it won't insist.

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  1. hcav's Avatar
    Love this review....... this will be one to try!
  2. NeonGrey's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your feedback! It was quite an interesting experience, not necessarily of the true osmanthus flower, but of something... you'll see.


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