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Riding the Thermals

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes- Review

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On application, this fragrance forms a halo of scent around me. In this fragrant haze of raw fruit, I detect a slight breeze, As my nose gets closer to my skin, the breeze flips over the leaves so their undersides are exposed, revealing paler shades of green, as well as mangoes in various stages of ripening. My feet are planted in dusty earth, and the spell of the Sun is overwhelming. The earth and the Sun are both golden and this slight breeze causes the mango trees to emanate a glorious mellow aroma.
Over time, the wisps of hair in front of my eyes go unmoved, and everything seems to slow down as I stare unblinking out onto a surreal landscape.
This is the scent of actively trying to preserve a sublime memory. It's a mantra.

Sitting on the front porch in New Orleans in early evening.

A tiny lizard on the path to the vending machine in Florida.

The empty room at a friend's beach house on Cape Cod, painted in afternoon Sunlight.

It's the sensation of not being responsible for anything except appreciating the present moment. When it settles down into a skin scent, I smell gently ripened as if I have been out in the Sun all day.
Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a portable, authentically personal space. And when I mean space, I mean A LOT of space. Ideal for transcending the mental confines of New York.

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