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Is There Going to be a 2013 Basenotes Meetup This Year Like NOLA, Las Vegas, etc.? What city?

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Is anyone planning the b-i-g meetup this year? I know there are small get meetups in some cities but I'm talking about the big one that people from all over go to.

I think there have been ones in NYC, San Francisco, Kansas City, New Orleans, and the last one was in Las Vegas.

I haven't been able to go to the other meet-ups but they sounded like such fun and this seems to be my year. Is someone planning one for this year?

I certainly would be interested.

How about Chicago? Boston? Atlanta? Other wonderful cities?



  1. EgyptianMusk's Avatar
    The only perfume convention I know of this year that is taking place in Las Vegas at the Tropicana hotel, is the Perfume Bottle Association. It will be the first week of May. I plan to be there. I need Egyptian perfume bottles for my famous pure Egyptian Musk parfum oil. My new website is at For the month of February I am having a buy one get one free sale. My parfum oils do not contain alcohol or chemicals to age your skin. Yeah, many colognes can alter your hormones and make you gain weight. Happy Shopping.
  2. BetsyMeszaros's Avatar
    I'm not talking about an industry convention but the informal meetup of basenotes members for a weekend.

    Last year it was in Las Vegas and the year before New Orleans.

    Trying to determine if there is one planned for this year.
  3. ThePieman's Avatar
    How about London?


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