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Tom Ford for Men Extreme by Tom Ford: Review

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Tom Ford Extreme begins with an oxblood leather couch in the study of a famous psychiatrist. The study is lined with books and the sprawling hardwood desk contains a silver letter opener, a meteorite paperweight, and other lavish clutter. Next to the desk is a pipe chest, where an extraordinary collection of pipes from all over the world, fine tobacco, and spiny brand new pipe cleaners all wait silently in the dark.

This rich but reserved fragrance opens with a salty creamy leather note, slightly sweet tobacco and scotch, incense, a muted patchouli, and a combination of warm spices, making it intimate but not nearly as loud as I expected it to be.

It wears very close to the skin, such that it feels less extreme externally, but is suggestive of an intensity that is not at once visible, as if the "extremity" were being carefully bottled and stored somewhere under the surface.

Tom Ford Extreme is a depiction of a man who is markedly reserved and sophisticated on the outside, socially at ease, wearing his facade like a pro whenever he is in public or entertaining friends,

but the dark shades of his personality and inner emotional life are almost entirely hidden. They are there, and there is abysmal depth to them, but you'd never know it, unless you spent enough time and energy chiseling away at his confident exterior.

The man who embodies Tom Ford Extreme is not a tasteless show off, and he doesn't get taken advantage of.. but stick around long enough and surrender your inhibitions to his charm, and you may end up seeing something you wish you hadn't.

Chalk it up to experience.



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