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Perfect Bliss by Sarah Horowitz Parfums: Review

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On first application, there is a radiating brightness from the yellow sweet and acidic tropical fruits, but Perfect Bliss does calm down on the skin fairly quickly, and within about ten-twenty minutes the vanilla, cedar and patchouli come floating to the surface of this natural and harmonious tropical fruit-scented pool, with flowers growing all around its edges.

As the scent develops on my skin, the arrival of the cedar, patchouli and vanilla against the sugary acidity of the fruit, is what wins my respect for Perfect Bliss. I don't really know how else to say this, but this fragrance NEEDS those notes. They clean it up and keep it from becoming a fruit-scented avalanche. That, and the amazing way in which the pineapple-like potency of the opening notes mellow out in record speed make Perfect Bliss memorable, though the lingering ripeness of the papaya periodically floats up and takes me off guard. Some people might love that though. It's not inherently bad, just heavily fruity.

It is so easy for anyone who enjoys fruit fragrances to appreciate Perfect Bliss because the notes themselves are so natural and bright, and yet there are simultaneously many subtle things going on if you examine more closely, just as in nature itself, like a cross-section of a leaf under a microscope, or the fractal of a shoreline.

Perfect Bliss is the first sip of a tropical drink at the hotel's beach bar on your first day of vacation. It's not what you would normally order, but since you're here, you might as well go for it. You sigh deeply as you look around and think to yourself: I finally made it. I'm here.



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