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Chanel Coromandel

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Being a patchouli scent lover, I am looking for an elegant patchouli that stands out from the crowd (you know, the Sephora, designer fragrance, like crowd). So I am considering Dior's Patchouli Imperiale and Chanel Coromandel. I'll appreciate knowing from users of Chanel Coromandel if you consider it to be a feminine fragrance. I don't mind wearing unisex, but is Chanel more on the feminine or masculine side? Right in the middle? Thanks


  1. Lisitsa's Avatar
    I wear Coromandel as my signature perfume, in my view it is a female perfume, not unisex.I first smelled it in the air in Manhattan in winter,holiday season, a woman just passed by------ and it was unforgettable smell, I went back to ask her, since then it is my favorite perfume for an occasion, this is not an everyday perfume.


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