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YSL - Kouros

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I tried Kouros. But first you might ask, what or who is a kouros?! Wikipedia helps as always :”The termkouros, meaning (male) youth, a generic term for the standing male figure. As a side note the female counterpart of this word is Kore or Koure .

Now that we got this out fo the way let me start this report about its unique dirty animal nature. The 80s’ powerhorse like most of the 80s is loud, unapologetically confident and doesn’t care about polarizing its audience. This scents just doesn’t give a fuck what you think.

Full knowing this, I’ll start by saying that it’s obnoxious and I don’t like it. I heard people saying that some perfumes wear you and that’s how I feel about it, Kouros wears me and I can’t tame it [ very much how I felt about Dzing! ]. We have to understand that this is how perfumes were supposed to smell in the 80s, “GREED is GOOD!” comes to mind for me and if you can’t make it, you don’t matter. This is a boss scent, a CEO who demands everything of you, an animal unleashed. Gordon Gecko might have wear this – although I feel he might go with something more expensive – and how you feel about this perfume might tell how you feel about power. If you desire it, if it consumes you, this is your scent, the scent of pure money confidence. If you despise the attitude, the scent will be repugnant for you.

From the start it jumps at you with all he has; some herbs, and that annoying dirty floral smell. I don’t get urinal cake but it does stink.

I read a lot in the forums about this one and a lot of people said they blind bought it and what, just what can drive a person to blind buy this poisonous concoction? What dark childhood memories, experiences are lurking just below their skin, making someone so delusional as to find this sickening smell alluring? Questions, questions that I have no answer to as I sniff it again.

The drydown is now complete and it seems to have mellowed down a bit, but just a bit to give full power of its animal aggression. Is this leather? A leather from a long dead cow, found on the side of the road after rotting in the sun?! On fragrantica we see that most people smell Civet, which I confess have no idea how it smells but from the look of it – that rat? – must smell something liek this. It’s overpowering, disgusting and still very strong! I wish to feel a bit of honey, the honey that maybe…just maybe…it will make it a pleasant experience for me. But no, nothing even remotely sweet comes my way. Even the woody nature is so subdued I don’t even register it.

In all fairness, everything about it from the ingredients wouldn’t work for me: “leather, patchouli, musc, ambre,” I am yet to meet a perfume with these ingredients that I find pleasant.

Kouras played its strength and didn’t win me over…in fact, it pushed me further and further away. And I just know, that he – can this be anything but masculine?! – will discard me as well without a look back if I were his smell. No remorse. No regrets. I might write about it, but I am not the one in control here.

We bid our goodbye and promise to re-visit it in 10 years. A promise I made out of extreme politeness and my inability to completely close any doors. Will I?

Who knows. For now, I need to wash this off my hand and forget about it.

So long Kouros!

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  1. noirdrakkar's Avatar
    Yeah, for me, Kouros was a scent that was interesting and unique, but not something I would want to wear or smell like. It was fun to sample, but I really don't feel an urge to explore it again.

    Actually, I think I had to discard the sample since all my other sample containers were starting to smell like it.
  2. Sicktrick's Avatar
    haha. i can fucking imagine!

    I'm going thorough a 1740 sample right now and it just permeates everything. nasty leather!
  3. Julessharp's Avatar
    i once had a gorgeous Lover who used this fragrance. Funnily enough, your description fits him exactly! I can only think that it isn't mean for Men to smell! Women will know the power of it. Frequently when I pass a perfume shop, I do stop by and have a whiff......the power of the scent of memory, wonderful. Don't knock it till you've tried it!


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