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Hanatsubaki 2008 by Shiseido

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Hanatsubaki, the very first perfume from Shiseido, came out in 1917.
Before reading words about Hanatsubaki on various sites, I always thought that Zen is Shiseido's first perfume, but actually, Zen is the first perfume that Shiseido sold towards western market.
At Shiseido's website, there's original Hanatsubaki's picture, you can read it here

I got a Hanatsubaki replica today, from an online bid. It's called "2008 Hanatsubaki", 25ml in EdP. The seller said, it's not for sale, it's a gift given to Shiseido's senior staff.

The small booklet gives a short introduction to the history of Hanatsubaki, but no detailed notes about this new version.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Very interesting! Congratulations on an excellent find. I think that there would be interest in a limited edition of Hanatsubaki. I would certainly be very interested in it.

    Very nice links, too. I'm curious about Shiseido's Classic Zen Eau de Cologne. Have you tried that one? I'm wondering what that's like.

    Thanks for the nice post! -Red
  2. sophywt's Avatar
    Yeah, I got a decant of the classic zen from a friend. It's totally different from this fruity-floral 2008Hanatsubaki. Zen is a heavy woody/spicy dosed scent with a bit aldehyde opening. Some website classifies it as floral, but on me it's smoky almost like burnt dry wood(in a dilicious way of course!) and I can't get much floral notes. Staying power is superb for a cologne.


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