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Elf's Compendium of Notes 3- Auranone

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Full disclosure: I am one of those 40%-ers that are anosmic to many synthetic musks. This can be quite limiting in the lab! Auranone solved this problem for me (along with a few others) so I thought I'd blog about a few of them.

Auranone is a musk base by Firmenich. It's become my favorite white musk basenote. Here are the notes about it from the Perfumer's Apprentice's website:

Strong yet delicate musk blend with fine floral notes.
Auranone is a subtle assemblage of some of Firmenich's finest musks. Created around Romandolide, this captive Alicyclic musk is blended with Habanolide, Exaltolide Total, Muscenone and Helvetolide to produce a robust musk core. Traces of sandalwood, amber, violet and powdery notes provide a pleasant finishing touch.

I am completely anosmic to Habanolide, so having this blend has been a real boon. It's quite soft and floral, a very typical "white musk" that's fairly substantive. I detect the violet, powder, and sandalwood, but not much amber. It's quite bright and zingy. The floral aspects seem to complement the natural flower absolutes and eos I like to use, without overwhelming them or adding too much of a synthetic sheen. I can use it as a minor component, or the major component of a scent, just adding some accents, a floral with a spice or citrus top note works well. Using it as the major component yields some nice scents for close quarters, working at school or in a crowded space. And fortunately, it does not have that "feminine products fresh" vibe that I find particularly loathesome in so many commercial perfumes! If it were a musical instrument, I think I'd say it was a glockenspiel.



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