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Elf's Compendium of Notes 5- Seville Lavender

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I have a collection of lavender essential oils and absolutes, all of them subtly different from each other, yet recognizably lavender. However, one is a real weirdo. Itís called Seville Lavender, or Lavandula luisieri, and itís grown in Spain and Portugal. Its blooms are collected in the spring. The plant is left intact, so this is a sustainable harvest practice.

The absolute is viscous and a dark caramel color. It has a very rasin-like odor, with a strong hint of Fig Newton! There are herbal facets reminiscent of standard lavenders, and after about an hour or so, a warm leather aspect appears.

Seville lavender is very rich, a deep baritone, and I think it could be used well as an accent among more traditional basenotes like vetiver and cedar. It seems very suitable for richer masculines, and perhaps could be used in chypres or fougeres as well. It is a powerful note and dilution before use would be a good idea. Definitely the oddball of the lavender world.


  1. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Hi, Elf, and thanks for the interesting alternative. How does the longevity of this compare to other lavenders?
  2. Elf's Avatar
    Most of the lavenders work as top/heart notes, though I have one L. augustifolia that goes on for literally days. This one works as a base note and lasts at least 4-6 hours on skin.


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