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Diptyque – Philosykos

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There’s a fig tree in my yard. Now if you ever seen a Sycomore fig tree you might imagine that something like that happened to appear in my minuscule yard, in Bucharest, so allow me to correct you hasty. This is a small, scraggy tree, growing out of a tongue of not particularly good earth. It just decided that it wants to BE and out of sheer will, IS.

It’s also a very old tree, I remember playing near it as a child whenever I came to visit my grandmother at the house. It presented a bit of a fascination for me and my sister, possibly because it looks very foreign and somehow, in the warm summer days, lavish. But I think what attracted us the most was the fresh smell that surrounded it, especially after a quick rain. I do remember this smell pretty vividly. It was rather unique for us as we haven’t seen figs yet. They were rare in Romania just after the end of the communist period.

I think the tree gave maybe 10, 20 figs in the 20 years I remember it. When it did, they were small and not actually ripe, but edible. We would bring the find ceremoniously in the house, place it on the kitchen table and stare in wonder. What a silly shape for a fruit, what gross texture of animal skin and what smell is this? My mother would take a knife and cut it in half. Then one half in half again. I’d share the quarter with my sister. We’d it eat it slowly fully enjoying the taste and the sensation on our papilla This was full on exotic experience and we were not to miss any of it!

I bore you with this story of my childhood to make you understand where i’m coming from when I tell you that having this perfume on my skin, imidiately took me back to those days of discovery. Diptyque smells exactly like the tree I have and I think this is an important distinction, it doesn’t smell of figs, it smells of fig leaves. If I were to take one of those leaves and crush it on my skin, I’d get almost exactly Philosykos.[ which, as it happens could be loosely translated as "fig lover" or maybe "ode to figs" ]
Almost. But why?
Because underneath the fig there’s just the tiniest hint of coconut. I didn’t smell it at first but it is there, hidden, ready to somehow boost the fig aroma. It is wonderful.

This is a most unusual juice, the type that makes you be happy you discovered perfumes and keeps you hooked until the next discovery. On my skin is has almost no development, it stays true to the fig tree smell form the start and never wanders off to be something else. The sillage is not amazing and the longevity, even for the edp, minimal. I got 5 hours tops out of it.
But this is not reason to pass, if it can take you to exotic long-gone worlds [ and what else is the past if not that..] or can give you a way to relax, a pause out of everything, I say you, my friend, made a wise investment.

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